Dinstar DWG2000E-4G

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Dinstar DWG2000E-4G - a cost-effective solution for operators, enterprises, medium and small office and home networks. Performed in the original package, compact, practical, easy-to-use GSM / VoIP gateway with ease will solve the problem by economical allocation of communications costs.

Dinstar DWG2000E-4G - effective for the price GSM / VoIP gateway is designed for making calls from VoIP to GSM and GSM to VoIP.

Dinstar DWG2000E 4G is fully compatible with leading SIP-switches and SIP-servers.

SIP-gate Dinstar DWG2000E-4G made in black metal housing supports GSM channel extension number from 4 to 8 with additional moduley.pomoschyu additional modules.

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